Why this website?

I love Reading… and this started as a humble effort prodded by my friends: My list of Top books every thinking person should read, with my brief summary on each book. Along with it, some inspiring quotes and poetry.

Who am I?

Work for a large, listed pharmaceutical company as CEO of their International Business. Married with twin daughters.

Before this, worked in Procter & Gamble mostly as an expat in various Asian countries (Japan, Singapore, Philippines, India), then started my own company (Elements Akademia, social entrepreneurship).

Professionally, did Engineering (NIT Trichy, One of the Top 10 colleges in India) and then an MBA (IIM Lucknow, One of Top 5 MBA institutes in India). And then an advanced course in Entrepreneurship (Chicago Booth School)

All views expressed here are strictly my own and do not reflect the position of my employers.