Animal Farm

Author : George Orwell
Genre : Fiction, Philosophy, History/Satire

Many people ask me what would be the simplest book to know about politics and human behaviour. Animal Farm it has to be.

Written like a children story book, Animal Farm appears to be simply a tale of myriad animals in a farm rebelling against their brutal human masters and  taking control. They want to create a just society and elect leaders amongst them. sadly, towards the end, these new leaders become much like the previous leaders – ready to exploit and kill and keep all the riches for themselves.

Beneath the naive storybook are some deep intellectual thoughts: Why do oridnary people allow themselves to be exploited, how original high ideals of a revolution degenerate to tyranny, how leaders become totalitarian and corrupt, the medicine becoming worse than the malady. And finally how the masses, in their ignorance and stupidity, allow false leaders to be formed.