I like writing…

Started with writing on Education. Very passionately believe that the schooling system in India and most emerging markets is fundamentally flawed. We teach too much theory and too little life. Like Twain said, never let schooling interfere with your education!

Beyond education, years as an MBA and as a Corporate Manager have translated into strong views on various management themes. Coaching and developing young brains is one of them. We start our careers with so much energy and ambition. But very few of us reach the CXO level. Why? What causes a glass ceiling?

Beyond these two interests, over time, as I have greyed, my interests have also moved to the deeper questions of life. What is Right, What is Love and so on.
Hope my readers will find these appealing.
In 2017, aim to write similar articles on What is God and What is Happiness (rumblings of a greying man I guess)!

Please do write and give comments.