Finance As A True Business Partner
(Published in: Financial Chronicle and HT Business)

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In most large companies, the corporate finance group is disparagingly called ‘Bean Counters‘ – because they are mainly involved in accounting and reporting. They look from the rear view, after reality has happened and, most of the time, are merely doing ‘number crunching’.

In best of companies, however, finance also plays a Venture Capitalist role – analyzing business opportunities and initiatives and helping Business Heads take the „right‟ decisions, differentiating between good growth and bad growth. They ‘analyze’ numbers and present insights – not just information but how that information can be used to improve profitability.

This 2 day workshop will help the finance team move from a mere reporting role to a true business partner role, thereby increasing their impact/influence on business, and also satisfaction with their roles.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Expectations from Finance: Beyond just Number Crunching
  • Link Between Business, Strategy and Finance: Finance as an Enabler of Choice
  • Holistic Business and Financial Analysis, beyond spreadsheets
  • Why Initiatives Fail and What can Finance do
  • Industry & Competitive Analysis: Trends & Benchmarking
  • Advanced Financial Analysis: Portfolio Analysis, NPV as a Range (Risk assessment)
  • Developing Soft Skills: Influencing, Time Management and Communication
  • Case Study and Exercise

Intended Audience:

  • Nishant Saxena, Guest Faculty, IIM Lucknow
  • CEO of National Award winning Elements Akademia (www.elementsakademia.com)
  • Formerly Deputy CFO, P&G India, responsible for Financial Analysis and M&A
  • Has worked in Japan, Philippines, Singapore and India, and has visited 35+ countries
  • Clients: Nestle, KPMG, Aircel, Cadbury, Kraft, Aon Hewitt, ConAgra, Macmillan, J&J, P&G, HT Media, Relaxo Footwear, Orient-Craft, Zee Learn in India, Asia and Europe
  • Recognition: “Leader-in-Making” (Business World), “Path-breaker CEO” (Economic Times), one of “India‟s Hottest Startups” (Business Today), one of “50 Social Entrepreneurs… Making India Better” (Outlook Business), “High impact entrepreneur” (World Bank). Profiled more than 100 times in top electronic and print channels in India.
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