Awaken The Giant Within

Author: Tony Robbins, Anthony Robbins

Genre: Self Help, Non-Fiction

Published in 1992, the book has sold over two million copies all over the world.  Tony Robbins, himself, is a janitor to $600million net worth story. He was impressed with how rich his landlord was, so asked him his secret. That landlord recommended a motivational speaker. Tony went to learn, and then impressed offered to become a pupil. Then he learnt NLP, fire walking etc. and offered free seminars to perfect his craft. And over time has become one of the most successful motivational speakers. He is well Known for Self-help books such as Unlimited power, Unleash the Power Within and this one. Tony believes that there is a giant sleeping inside us, each of us is filled with a talent, a gift, waiting to be tapped. This book contains various ideas and strategies that will help the reader produce specific, measurable, long lasting changes in themselves and others.