Collapse- How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed

Author: Jared Diamond

Genre: Popular Science

Why did some societies simply ‘collapse’? Examples are multiple whether Easter Island or Maya civilization in ancient history or more recently Rwanda or Haiti. Many of these were at the peak of their prosperity and then suddenly went down. And ominously, does it hold lessons for our own civilization today – caught in the middle of brilliant modernization but also equally worrisome sustainability woes.

Who better than Jared Diamond, Professor at UCLA, to guide us. A polymath from Harvard and Trinity college, he has won top prizes like Pulitzer (for Guns, Germs and Steel, also recommended in 100 Books To Make us Wise) and National Medal of Science. Yuval Harari (author of Homo Sapiens) credits Jared for influencing him.  Various rankings have pitched him amongst the Top 10 Public intellectuals in the entire world