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What is Right & What is Wrong?

The author does not believe in most moral absolutes. What is right and what is wrong, in most cases, is a very personal choice based on the doer's personal value system and understanding of the context.

What is Love?

Most of us, in the June of our lives, have experienced the blissful feeling of 'falling in love'. The stress of everyday living suddenly vanishes, time seems to stop and the only thing that matters is closeness to the beloved. However, is that really love?

Nostalgic about Allahabad
(Published in: HT Allahabad)

My current work draws heavily from my experiences in Allahabad. Every day I saw thousands of graduates from Allahabad University and its affiliate colleges roaming around because they had no work: degree but not a job.

Must Read Books for a young graduate

So you have just graduated from university or are doing an MBA. 

You are ambitious, dreamy, intelligent. You are also hard-working and passionate about things that are important for you. Your friends say you will do a lot in life and see you as one of the better students in college.


However, thanks to our rather theoretical education system, you have a degree but are still rather raw. The books in your curriculum largely teach you technical stuff, and that too generally in a very boring way. 

You are raring to learn about life, practical wisdom and the corporate world. But not finding a trusted role model around you who can help you navigate the new world you are about to enter.

If this is you, welcome! I have seen many young boys and girls who had shown so much potential as a young 20 something: full of energy, ideas, excitement and ambition. 

But unfortunately, most found themselves just becoming another of the millions of junior office workers, their spark gone, their promise wasted. Very soon, the challenges of mere existence – finding a good job, keeping up with a fragile relationship, the heavy load of expectations from our parents and ourselves, identifying what we want to do in life, the rat race and constant comparison with our peers – overpower us. And the grand ideas of being the very best, of conquering the world, get put aside.

If, on the other hand, you want to be different – more mature, more well-read, more guided more clear headed of what you want to do – let us together make a plan to keep your spark alive, and prepare you for the highest echelons of the corporate world. Along the way, perhaps also help you discover yourself!

What better guide than books? Mentors and teachers can come and go, and may turn out to be false Gods. Why not drink from the ageless wisdom of good books – that captures the experiences of some of the best of our species?

The list below has been carefully chosen to appeal to someone just your age: not too heavy and aptly offering tips for the stage of life you are in.

Go out and buy all twelve and read one every month. I promise that you and those around you will see a new you in just one year! 

To help you stick on, I have put a brief summary of most of these books (Click on the cover to read the summary). Read that to decide which one to want to go with first, if needed read two together. Along the way, write your comments and engage with fellow readers. 

Life and Self Improvement: 


Entrepreneurial Thinking: 







English Language:


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