Author : Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Genre : Philosophy

Who doesn’t know Nassim Taleb. Voted the “Hottest thinker in the world” (The Times), included in “Most Influential management gurus” (Forbes), he is one of the very few to have accurately predicted the 2008 financial crises. He is the famous author of the 5 book Incerto (Italian -> uncertain) series: Fooled by Randomness, Black Swan etc. some of which sold more than 3 million copies (for perspective, a typical bestseller sells 10,000 copies) and were included in “one of the smartest 75 books known” (Fortune). The Bed of Procrustes is part of the series.

Taleb is one of the few who has experience in writing but also in practise (ran a hedge fund). He is also controversial. He asked for cancellation of the nobel prize in economics saying that “the damage from economic theories can be devastating”; publicly lambasted the black-scholes-merton model (treated as bible for option pricing) and had an ugly spat with 75 year old nobel laurate scholes himself; repeatedly calls journalists and academicians as “naïve or foolish, mostly foolish”; and had very uncharitable words to say about his contemporary Steven Pinker (bull shit operator posing as a scientist).