The High Performance Entrepreneur

Author: Subroto Bagchi

Genre: Entrepreneurship

Subroto Bagchi is a prolific writer with books like Go Kiss The WorldMBA at 16The Professional etc. to his credit. He (and Ashok Soota) were Co-founders of Mindtree which scaled up to USD1bn and 23000 employees, and Bagchi later became its Chairman. Bagchi himself came from a very humble family in Odisa.

The book advocates teaching entrepreneurship as a subject to the young who will be major workforce in the coming years. It will not be possible to create those many jobs for the unemployed. Entrepreneurship is the only way to create jobs and wealth. The High-Performance Entrepreneur does not tell a magic plan for the being a successful entrepreneur. But it does give right advice (gained through experience) that a reader can follow to achieve success. To start with, this book explains the difference between high-performance entrepreneurship (scale!) and mere self-employment (working without a boss, but in a small setup like a shop or clinic). The former majorly means creating wealth to make a change in individuals, society and country, something that the likes of Murthy, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Azim Premji etc. were able to do.