Author : Amish Tripathi

Genre: Fiction

Amish Tripathi is an Indian author. He is known for his book series Shiva Trilogy and Ram Chandra Series, both becoming the fastest-selling and the second-fastest selling book series in Indian publishing history. His claim to fame is to beautifully narrate a very popular mythology (Lord Shiva or Lord Ram are the leading gods in hindu mythology, and every child has been told stories around them) in a rather scientific way (takes away the god bit, focusses on shiva the man and builds a fiction on how legends of godliness started). Even while depicting war, he balances the views of both sides making the reader feel – if only we had more empathy, there would be no war. The Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine, has been depicted beautifully.

Amish follows a very unique career path, doing his MBA from the prestigious IIM calcutta (top bschool in India), then a banker for 14 years and then a best-selling author. And now a film producer. His book was rejected by many leading publishers and his agent had to do self-publishing. Later the trilogy sold more than 5 million copies and generated in excess of Rs. 100 crore (USD15mn) revenues.

The Shiva Trilogy is an alternate story of Shiva, the God. Amish protrays him as a man, who the turn of events and his own heroics transform to the myths of the Mahadev, the God of Gods. The story – while obviously fiction – is written logically, even scientifically and makes it believable. It is chronicled through three books, The Immortals of MeluhaThe Secret of the Nagas & The Oath of the Vayuputras. Each book brings out Amish’s vivid creativity – taking ordinary characters like Nandi or Sati that every Indian household knows, but giving an alternate and believable story on how they are woven into Shiva’s life.

The first book sets the stage at 1900 BC. “In what modern Indians mistakenly call the Indus Valley civilisation.”