Vedanta Treatise: The Eternities

Author : Swami A Parthasarathy

Genre : Philosophy

If there is one religious text I enjoy reading, it is the Vedanta. The ancient religious books of Hindus were the Vedas (knowledge) and at the end of each there was Vedanta (literally the end of knowledge, or more allegorically the highest form of knowledge). They are also called the Upanishads, and their core idea is that the aim of life is self-realization, knowing and becoming one with our true self. Which is not our body, feelings or even intellect. But the godliness inside us, for the self is essentially divine, be you saint or sinner.

These texts are in Sanskrit and, at a shallow level, could just be some stories and shlokas/verses. To appreciate their deeper meaning, one needs commentary from a guide. Parthasarathy’s treatise on Vedanta is one of the best I have come across [other good ones are from Osho, S Radhakrishnan and Eknath Easwaran].