What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School

Author: Mark McCormack

Genre: Autobiography, Management, Self-Help

Mark H. McCormack was an American lawyer, sports agent and writer. In the 1960s, Mark started his career in business (founded IMG, world’s leading celebrity management firm, with Michael Schumacher, Kate Moss and Pope as its clients) which was a huge success. He soon discovered that the most important thing an MBA can learn from Business school is an awareness of what it can’t teach you, for example how to read people and how to use that knowledge to get what you want.

Much to his dismay, Mark discovered that an expensive, advanced degree or High IQ does not always equal to ‘street smarts’. In this book he has tried to fill this gap between a B School education and the street knowledge required to deal and manage people day in and day out. This book is divided into three parts – how to read people, how to influence their reading of you, and how to apply both of them to any relevant business situation.