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The largest selling personal finance book in history, telling us what the rich teach about money that the poor and middle class don’t. It changes our perspective and attitude on money.

The authors interview many millionaires to be surprised with what made them wealthy. It’s not about the wealth you flaunt but what you accumulate. And how you allocate your time.

The Co-founder of Mindtree(US$800m start-up)offers guidance on starting a company & taking it to IPO: when is the entrepreneur ready,selecting the right team & investors,defining values & objectives,writing business plan etc.

The largest selling non-fiction of all time. Hill studied hundreds of rich and successful people and then tried to condense the secrets of their success.

Morgan joins contrarian money market thinkers like Taleb to give us great nuggets on investing and being rich. Every advice is like an aphorism – simple words…