Emotional Intelligence – Why It Matters More Than IQ

Author: Daniel Goleman

Genre: Self-Help, Management

The million dollar question! What makes people successful? More precisely, what makes some people more successful than others? This is the question Dr. Goleman (a PhD from Harvard) tried to answer, and ended up popularizing the concept of Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence.

His first discovery was that neither IQ nor academic knowledge had a serious correlation with success. Studies after studies – in groups as diverse as Harvard graduates all the way to kids of immigrant labors – showed that people with high IQ or high academic scores were neither materially (money, status) nor socially (relationships, happiness) any better off as compared to those with average IQ/academics. Of course, on an average, people with very low IQ tended to perform poorly, but beyond a reasonable IQ that most of us seem to have, it did not seem to make a significant impact in our lives or career.

So then what are these “other factors” that contribute to success? Quoting a plethora of research in the fields of psychology and neuroscience, the author suggests it is all about A Emotional Intelligence: our ability to understand and channelize our emotional energy. Research showed that kids who, in school, showed high ability to handle frustrations, control emotions and get along well with others seemed to be doing the best in their adult life. It’s almost like we have two minds: one rational and one emotional! And we all know that emotions or the feeling mind always end up trumping the thinking mind. We need to learn to control it.Specifically, Dr. Goleman identifies 5 traits that all of us should try and inculcate in ourselves and in our families: