How To Win Friends and Influence People

Author: Dale Carnegie

Genre: Self-Help

How To Win Friends and Influence People, written over 80 years ago, literally started the entire genre of self-help books in the world. Legend has it that a senior executive of publisher, Simon and Schuster, attended Dale Carnegie’s personality development class and persuaded Dale to allow taking notes from the course that later became the book. One of the world’s largest best selling books of all time, it has sold more than 15 million copies and been translated in almost every written language.

Carnegie’s advice has stood the test of time and tells us how to make friends quickly and easily; win people over to our way of thinking; improve our conversational skills and become more interesting; and overall acquire new clients and customers. At its heart is the realization that “dealing with people is probably the biggest problem” we face. “Investigations revealed that even in such technical lines as engineering…, about 85% (of success) is due to skill in human engineering – to personality and the ability to lead people.” So, Carnegie goes on to teach 6 ways to make people like us and 9 ways to help us change people to our way of thinking